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Cashier Training

Cashiers are trained for two weeks and are taught the basic skills necessary to operate the store they are assigned to.

Cashier training begins with store orientation training videos on topics of customer service, robbery deterrence and personal safety, techniques of alcohol management (alcohol sales), tobacco sales, inventory loss control, and many more.

In conjunction with the video training, new Cashiers will review policy and procedures and work one on one with a qualified store trainer.

During the two weeks of training, the new Cashier becomes familiar with the company’s policies and procedures as well as basic customer service skills that enhance the Cashier’s current people skills. The Cashier will be taught how to operate the various types of equipment operated while on shift and how to clean and stock coolers, gondola’s, fountain pop and coffee counters.

After the two week training period the Cashier will be qualified to operate one of our stores for their shift. But it doesn’t end there. The Cashier will continue to learn new and exciting skills while enhancing their abilities. The Cashier will learn how to check inventory, reorder merchandise, and receive merchandise for resale. As the Cashier progresses through the learning process, they eventually become qualified to apply for a training position to become part of the store’s management team.

Our store managers are almost always promoted from within our organization and have started as a front line Cashier.

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