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Commitment to Quality


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Mountain West

Commitment to Quality

When you walk into any Thriftway you’ll see right away we’re different. Our stores are designed and maintained with you in mind. We feel our customers really are Number One and we set out every day to prove that. From well-stocked clean aisles and sanitized rest rooms to the pleasant, helpful employees, it hits you: this store cares about my business!

We pride ourselves in being Montana’s Premier Convenience Store chain. Every year, most of our stores win the coveted Conoco Excellence Award, a quality award given annually to only 10% of Conoco retailers nationwide. One more sign that Thriftway is committed to excellence every day.

Quality In Our Store Employees

Almost every compliment we get is about our friendly, helpful employees. It’s no accident. We hire people who are fit for the job. We give them extensive initial and ongoing training, excellent wages in the convenience store industry, and ample opportunities for advancement within Thriftway. We expect our employees to meet some very demanding standards. Every store is its own profit center, and the employees working are responsible for all aspects of the business. It pays off for customers and our employees.

Quality In Our Management

Success comes from the top down, as well as from the bottom up. Thriftway management is committed to helping our employees succeed. That’s the only way we can develop a new generation of leaders in our stores who value Thriftway’s traditions of quality and excellence.

Quality In Our Facilities

We constantly upgrade and re-build our facilities. A quality appearance for our customers, our neighbors, and our community is important to our company. In the last ten years we have built new facilities in Helena and at Four Corners. We have remodeled or upgraded every facility we own and are planning demolitions of the Manhattan and East Anaconda stores with new buildings taking their place in the near future. We like our customers to be proud of where they shop and our employees of where they work.

Quality In Safety Precautions

We care about the security of our store customers and employees. That’s why we have set, and exceeded, the standards for security in the convenience store industry.When you come into a Thriftway, you’ll notice the bright lighting inside and out, as well as video cameras and raised checkout stations for better vision.What you won’t notice in our stores is the sophisticated alarm systems and monitoring devices, the drop safes, and the comprehensive safety training each store employee receives.We have an outstanding security record. That means a lot to our customers, our neighbors, and our employee’s peace of mind.

Conoco Guarantees Their Quality

When it comes to our quality Conoco® gasoline, you’re getting the highest quality gasoline available. Quality Conoco® gasolines are recognized as TOP TIER products. Conoco met this standard by raising their detergent additive program to levels that go far beyond the national standard - and exceed most competitive brands.