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Conoco Credit Card

Open a Concoco® Personal Credit Card with Drive Savvy Rewards!

EARN: 10¢ per Gallon for first 90 days
THEN EARN: per Gallon after the first 90 days

See DRIVE SAVVY website for details
Conoco Benefits icon Get the Cash Price per gallon, per grade. Valid at participating locations. icon ATM cash access
  icon Online Account Management to view transactions, pay bills, and more icon No Annual fee
  icon $0 Liability on unathorized charges icon Additional Cards at no cost
  See DRIVE SAVVY website for details
Tuscany Wine Room

Tuscany Wine Room

in our Anaconda Thriftway Super Stops store
at 2035 West Park Street

Wine is so much more than a beverage. At its best, it is a work of art, capable of ever-changing complexity and beauty. It can also be intellectually satisfying, offering a lifetime of potential learning about wine producers, vintages, regions, grape varieties, food and wine pairing, etc.

Beyond all that, wine simply tastes good and is fun. It is romantic, seductive and mysterious. It can be everything from elegant and sophisticated to rustic or hedonistic. Wine, in moderation, can even be good for you! Besides all the above, a few glasses of wine at a wine party lubricates the mind and tongue, leading to great conversation, joyous frivolity and lots of fun! (Wine Tastings Guide, http://www.wine-tastings-guide.com)

Visit our Anaconda Thriftway Super Stops store at 2035 West Park Street and browse through our great selection of fine wines. We carry wine to suit every taste at affordable prices.

f'real Logo

Freshly blended milkshakes you make at the store in 5 easy steps.

  1. Choose your flavor
  2. Peel the lid
  3. Place cup in holder
  4. Select thickness
  5. Enjoy!

f’real® Milkshakes

f'real blender

This magic blender is what many natives call a f’real machine. Depending on your great shake spectations you can customize your blend (spoon or straw?).

Get a sneak peek of f’reality on the screen.

They say money can’t buy happiness, but obviously they haven’t tried a f’real® milkshake. Experience the rich, creamy, tantalizing flavors for yourself:
  • Chocolate
  • Cookies ’n Cream
  • Peanut Butter Cup
  • Mint Chip
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate Malt

Get your f’real shake at our following locations:

Boyds Coffee Logo

Boyd Coffee Company comes from a time and a place where utility mattered. Back then, a good cup of coffee was both a reward for good work, done well; and a kick in the pants to get back out there and do some more.

We search the world for the freshest, finest beans, and invest our century of experience into roasting and blending the kind of coffee that makes you want to drink life in.

We are Boyds Coffee, and we would like to invite you to drop whatever it is you’re doing and go find it. Grab the goodness that is us, drink it in, and go where it takes you. We think it will be someplace interesting.

  Coffee House Decaffeinated

Coffee House Decaffeinated

A nutty flavor and aroma distinguish this soft, smooth medium-roast decaffeinated brew.

Gourmet House

Gourmet House

For its full and honey-like flavor, this medium-dark roast coffee boasts a refined taste and a broad appeal.

Tuscany Blend

Tuscany Blend

A rich medium-dark roast blend of Central and South American coffees. Full, well-rounded body and flavor.

Kickback Card


Cards are FREE at your local Thriftway Super Stops.

Enrollment is fast and easy. Call 1-888-339-7064, go to www.kickbackpoints.com, or simply fill out an enrollment form at your local Thriftway Super Stops and mail it in.

You begin accumulating KickBack® points immediately. You must be enrolled to redeem points and be eligible for prize give-aways.




Present your card to earn points when you make a purchase at any KickBack® location.

For every dollar you spend* you earn points and are automatically entered in our monthly and annual prize drawings.

Example: $1.00 spent = 1 point earned

*Excludes purchases of gas and diesel, Fish and Game licenses, Lotto/Lottery tickets, and Gift Cards

KickBack Logo

Every time you use your card, you are automatically entered to win various monthly and annual prizes.

  KickBack Map


Present your card to redeem points.

Spend your points just like cash.* The points you have accumulated can be used to purchase any qualifying item, product or service from any participating KickBack® location

Example:500 points = $5.00 towards any purchase

*KickBack points are not redeemable for cash but they still spend like cash at any participation location.

Thriftway Gift Cards

Thriftway Super Stops Gift Cards

The Thriftway Super Stops Gift Card is available at all fourteen Thriftway Super Stops and is an excellent gift or a useful debit card for gasoline and in-store products.

  • Available in denominations from $10 to $100
  • Re-loadable
  • Use at any of our fourteen store locations in southwest Montana
  • No transaction fees
Conoco Logo

When it comes to our quality Conoco® gasoline, you’re getting the highest quality gasoline available.

What does your car know about quality Conoco® gasoline?

Well, for starters, it knows that Conoco gas is better than generic gas. Why? Conoco contains over two times more detergent additive than the EPA mandate. That means it helps your car maximize its mileage, lower its emissions and helps it perform more like the way it did the day it was made.

Bottom line: If you use Conoco, your car will run better longer, which is good for your car, your wallet, the environment and you.

  Conoco Billboard

Western Petroleum Marketers Association

The Dynamic World of Petroleum Marketers

Mountain West Transportation, a subsidiary of Sutey Oil Company, is our licensed fuel distributor and operates five fuel transports in Montana.

Your local petroleum distributor plays a major role in the supply of gasoline. When it comes to petroleum products, the petroleum marketer is your neighborhood connection, bringing fuel to the end user to meet the demands of the everyday consumer.

The petroleum business is a complicated, ever-changing industry. As a petroleum marketer, we face the challenge of new technology, diversification, marketing appeals, fierce competition, and the myriad of federal and state regulations governing the petroleum business.

Watch this video to learn more.