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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Mountain West Transportation

Sutey Oil Company, Inc. Charitable and Promotional Policy

Our goal is to support at least one charity and one organization in each community we operate in. Our focus is local youth orientated entities. Our policy promotes more focused giving and larger gifts that may have a greater effect on the problem or issue that the appeal addresses.

From those charities to which we plan regular and/or substantial gifts we require a copy of the latest annual report, a list of board members, and the group's latest financial statements. This information should give a clear idea of what kinds of programs the charity operates, how and where these programs are carried out, who governs the charity, how much is spent on the charity's programs, and how much is spent on fund raising and administrative costs. In evaluating the financial statements of the charity at least half of the charity's total income must be spent on programs.

Solicitations which describe an issue, problem, need or event, but which do not clearly describe the programs or activities for which funds are requested will not meet our standard. Solicitations requiring immediate response or other time restraints or “runners” (someone will pick up contribution immediately) will not meet our standard. Direct contact solicitations, including personal and telephone appeals are not acceptable to us. Your requests must include the following, in writing:

a)  the solicitor and his/her relationship to the benefiting organization,

b)  the benefiting organization or cause, and

c)  a clear description of the programs and activities for which funds are requested.

This must be left at or mailed to our office for review by committee.

Sutey Oil Company, Inc.

2000 Holmes Avenue

Butte, MT  59701

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