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Thriftway has the best reputation in our industry. You’ll be working for the best people, with the best people.

One of the keys to Thriftway’s success is promoting people from within rather than hiring from outside.

Store team members usually start as Cashiers. Based on how well they do their job, they earn promotions to higher positions. Many of the people in key positions in support departments started in entry-level store positions. Some had prior experience or education. Many more had no prior work background, but showed the ability to learn new things, to take on new challenges, and produce results.

The only thing Thriftway operates is Super Stops convenience stores. We do one thing and we do it right. All efforts are focused toward making every store a successful business unit. That takes a lot of effort from support departments in the company.



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Come join our winning team as a valued Cashier. The role of the Cashier is vital to the success of our entire Thriftway TEAM. Thriftway’s operating standards are higher than the average convenience store, and with that come a multitude of tasks in order to ensure the maintenance of these standards. A typical shift in the life of a Thriftway Cashier might include any or all of the following responsibilities and requirements:


Our People

Our employee retention is among the highest within the industry. Being an employer of choice allows us to provide outstanding customer service. We understand that paychecks come from customers, and customers are best served by employees that enjoy and take pride in their work. We are committed to helping our employees succeed and achieve their goals.


Physical and mental requirements include:

  1. Have sufficient visual and hearing ability to assist customers
  2. Be able to perform arithmetic calculations to make change, and complete shift accounting reports
  3. Be able to lift up to 45lbs in order to move product
  4. Be able to work in a standing position for entire shift, as well as, bending, twisting, and stooping
  5. Be able to sweep, mop floors, dust, clean, and stock shelves, and carry trash to the dumpster
  6. Be able to tolerate cooler temperatures of 34 to 38 degrees for up to an hour of continuous stocking
  7. Be able to climb a ladder safely to replace light bulbs, or wash windows and walls
  8. Be able to tolerate petroleum fumes for short periods of time, and can use various cleaning products

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Duties and responsibilities include:

  1. General Management
    1. Provides prompt & courteous service to all customers
    2. Assists in maintaining a store appearance of the highest quality
    3. Adheres to all city, county, state, and federal laws and regulations
    4. Follows all company guidelines, policies & procedures
    5. Informs Store Manager of all sales, cash, inventory, or operational problems
    6. Adheres to work schedule as posted, and properly uses time clock
    7. Cooperates with, and respects Store Manager, and fellow Cashiers
  2. Bookkeeping/Accounting
    1. Scans and/or rings all sales in accordance with the Employee Handbook
    2. Accurately completes shift report, and any other assigned reports
    3. Informs Store Manager of any unusual cash or petroleum discrepancies for investigative purposes
  3. Security
    1. Advises the Store Manager of any personnel problems, and/or policy violations
    2. Shares in the responsibility of controlling inventory & cash losses in the store
    3. Follows all company cash handling policies/procedures
    4. Protects all company assets at all times
  4. Merchandising
    1. Keeps coolers, fountain boxes, store shelves, and displays fully stocked and front faced
    2. Cleans & maintains equipment for proper performance
    3. Ensures Fountain drinks & coffee is always available
    4. Ensures cups, straws, lids, and condiments are stocked and available
  5. Maintenance
    1. Keeps store floors, shelving, checkout counters, deli counters, and merchandise clean at all times
    2. Checks refrigeration equipment for proper performance at least once per shift
    3. Ensures that squeegees & towels are available, water is clean, and litter is picked up around the gas islands
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